Pekonipastaa ja punkkua muovipullossa

Edellisessä Rosa Viini- ja Ruokakerhon toimittaman viinin arviossa avauduin epäilyksistäni muovipulloissa olevia viinejä kohtaan. Nyt testattu italialainen punaviini osoitti kuitenkin epäilykseni vääräksi, sillä tämä viini maistui minulle hyvin. Viini toimi erinomaisesti kermaisen pekonipastan kaverina. English summary at the end of the post.

Viini oli nimeltään Il Barone Rosso joka oli pakattu litran muovipulloon. Viini oli melko marjaisa ja hilloinen ja nämä ominaisuudet pääsivät esiin etenkin, kun viiniä maistoi sellaisenaan. Viini oli mielestäni kuitenkin yllättävänkin täyteläinen ja tanniininen koska oma mielikuvani italialaisista punaviineistä on lähinnä, että ne ovat kevyitä. Viinin rypäle on Sangiovese, joka luonnollisesti on vähemmän aromaattinen kuin esim. Syrah tai Cabernet Sauvingon. Viiniä saa myös 3 l hanapakkauksessa ja koska se sopii hyvin myös seurusteluviiniksi voisi tämä toimia myös juhlissa.

Pahoittelut kuvan huonosta laadusta ja taustan sekavuudesta

Kermainen pekonipasta

Valmistusaika: 20 min. 4 annosta.
– 400 g spagettia
– 1 sipuli
– ½ purjo
– 1,5 rkl öljyä
– 170 g pekonia
– mustapippuria
– 2 dl kermaa
– 4 keltuaista
– 2,5 dl juustoraastetta esim. parmesaania

Keitä spagetti. Valmista kastike pastan kypsyessä.
Hienonna sipuli ja purjo. Kuullota niitä kasarissa, kunnes ne pehmenevät. Siirrä sivuun. Suikaloi pekoni ja paista ruskeaksi.
Lisää pannulle paistettu sipuli ja purjo, mausta pippurilla. Lisää halutessasi suolaa. Lisää kerma ja kiehauta. Vatkaa keltuaisista rakenne rikki ja kaada kastikkeen joukkoon. Sekoita ja tarjoile pastan ja juustoraasteen kanssa.

Koska olen jo vuosia mieluummin kypsentänyt pekonin uunissa kuin pannulla, tein niin nytkin. Eli aloitin laittamalla pekonit pellille leivinpaperin päälle ja kypsentämällä ne 150-asteisessa uunissa noin puoli tuntia (tämä luonnollisesti venytti ruuan valmistusaikaa). Koska kaupassa oli vaan jättikokoisia purjoja olin purjon sijaan ostanut kevätsipulia. Pastana käytin Rummon spagettia. Kun olin kuullottanut sipulit murustelin pekonin joukkoon. Keltuaisia en sekoittanut kastikkeeseen vaan pastaan sen jälkeen, kun olin sekoittanut pastan ja kastikkeen keskenään, samaan tapaan kuin pasta carbonarassa.

Pekoni on tullut uunista ja odottaa vuoroaan
Sipulit kuullottumassa
Seuraavaksi lisäsin kerman
Annos odottaa vielä juustoraastetta

Viini ja pasta sopivat erinomaisesti yhteen. Täyteläinen punaviini leikkasi erinomaisesti pastan kermaisuutta ja pekonin suolaisuus pääsi mukavasti esiin. Itse olisin ehkä kaivannut ruokaan myös valkosipulia. Kevätsipuli toi ruokaan pienen mukavan makeuden. Uskon että tämä viini toimisi loistavasti myös muiden kermaisten pastojen tai juustoisten pizzojen kanssa.

Buon appetito!

English summary

Another wine test with a wine from Rosa Viini & Ruokakerho. This was an Italian red wine, Il Barone Rosso that also was packed in a plastic bottle. The grape variety was Sangiovese and the wine was surprisingly full-bodied. The wine was somewhat jammy with berry notes. The wine was paired with a creamy bacon pasta and worked very well as a pairing. It nicely cut some of the creaminess of the pasta.

Swedish and international cuisine

Finally, the post about what we ate on our summer vacation in Sweden. As I mentioned in my first post on Gotland, our first dinner in Visby wasn’t anything to write home about. It was a portion of fish & chips that swam in grease. Luckily, we managed to find far better places for lunch and dinner the next day. For lunch we stopped at Familjen Jessens Saluhall & Bar where we enjoyed an exquisite fish soup with sourdough bread. Hubby accompanied his soup with a beer, and I opted for a grapefruit lemonade. While strolling around the old town we found a nice outdoor café Krönet overlooking the sea and decided to sit down and enjoy a cocktail and the view. I had googled around for the best restaurants in Visby the night before, which lead us to a pizzeria called Mille Lire that serves Roman style pizza. We had a starter of bruschette miste, which was essentially a selection of their various pizza toppings on small slices of bread made from the pizza dough. The bruschette were delicious and really put our hopes up for the pizza, and I can tell you the pizza did not disappoint. I had a classic Tonno e cipolle pizza (tuna, red onion & mozzarella) and hubby enjoyed the Diavola (spicy salami & mozzarella). I enjoyed a glass of rose wine with my pizza while hubby stuck to beer. I can highly recommend this restaurant if you are in the mood for a tasty pizza.

The less impressive fish & chps, look at that grease glistening.
Lovely fish soup for lunch
Cocktail with a view
Bruschette miste
Pizza tonno e cipolle

The next day we ended up having a late lunch at the café at Lummelundagrottan where hubby ate a sandwich and I had a savory waffle with goat’s cheese. Both were nice and worked well for lunch. In the evening we had plans to have burgers at Brooklyn Burgers ‘n Bar but the place was packed, so we eventually ended up having burgers at Brygghuset Bar & Kök where we had nice burgers accompanied by local beers. For some reason I forgot to take pictures of the burgers, which were nice enough, although not the best I’ve ever had. Before dinner we had a refreshing drink at Bolaget. On our last day on Gotland we had pizza for lunch at Carlssons Restaurang & Vedugnspizzeria. For dinner we headed to Brooklyn Tacos ‘n Tequila. Here we started with some tacos; Camarones en taco and Baja Fish taco that we shared as they were served in pairs. As we ended up waiting for a server to come and take our order for quite some time, they also served us a third set of tacos, Taquito de langosta for free as an apology (a nice touch, as we had not even complained). After the tacos we shared a nacho plate with beef, cheese, corn, tomatoes & guacamole. We drank beer with the food and had margaritas for dessert. The tacos were super delicious, and the nachos were of average quality. I can recommend this place for the tacos and margaritas.

Fish tacos
Shrimp taco
And the free lobster tacos
Nachos galore

Once we were in Stockholm, we googled for a restaurant near the hotel for the first evening and ended up at a place called Taste of Vietnam roughly a block away from the hotel. Both of us chose a salad to start, mine was a mango salad and hubby’s a glass noodle salad, both were super delicious and suitably hot. For my main I had fried rice noodles with scampi and hubby had an entrecote wok. The mains were tasty but not nearly as good as the starters. I drank a house-made juice drink with lime and once again hubby had a beer. The following day we had lunch at Östermalms Saluhall which at the moment is undergoing a huge renovation and is housed in a temporary building. We ate at Tysta Mari where I ate fish soup with shrimps served with aioli accompanied by a glass of white and hubby enjoyed the Toast Skagen with a beer, both were excellent. For dinner I had booked a table at a place called Den Gamle och Havet (The old man and the sea), which is an Italian seafood restaurant. My starter was Scampi in Padella con Burro (lobster with roasted garlic, butter, and parsley) and hubby had the Carpaccio di Tonno (tuna carpaccio). Both were absolutely delicious as were the mains; Pappardelle e Funghi Trifolati (past with various mushroom, rosemary, white wine, garlic, pepperoncini, olive oil and parsley) and Spaghetti alle Vongole (pasta with Venus clams, garlic, pepperoncini, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and parsley). We both enjoyed a glass of white wine with dinner. The pastas were tasty, and the restaurant was a nice experience as a whole. If you are in the mood for good Italian food with a focus on seafood, I can certainly recommend Den Gamle och Havet.

Toast Skagen and fish soup for lunch
Scampi in Padella con Burro
Carpaccio di Tonno
Pappardelle e Funghi Trifolati
Spaghetti alle Vongole

On our last day in Stockholm we had a quick lunch at Gallerian at Café Coppola. We had a dinner reservation at Restaurant Pelikan. This is a traditional Swedish restaurant with a history of 110 years. The restaurant is housed in a big hall with high ceiling vaults and arched windows. The hall was nice but a bit noisy and the service was friendly. We started with a potato pancake with bleak roe, red onion and creme fraiche and Toast Skagen with bleak roe. These were followed by pan fried arctic char with crayfish & potato croquettes and trout roe sauce and Biff Rydberg (diced and fried tenderloin, potatoes, onion, mustard cream & egg yolk). Once again, I enjoyed white wine with my dinner while hubby had a beer. All the food was super tasty so based on the food, atmosphere and service I can wholeheartedly recommend Pelikan to anyone looking for traditional Swedish food while visiting Stockholm.

Enjoying a pink gin cocktail at the terrace of NoFo Hotel & Wine Bar
Potato pancake with roe
Toast Skagen
Arctic char (my absolute favorite fish)
Biff Rydberg

This Friday we head to Tallinn for one night to celebrate hubby’s birthday so a post on that will follow, but I might post another wine & food review before that.

Archipelago cruise and Fotografiska

After the ferry docked in Nynäshamn and driving for about an hour we arrived in Stockholm and located our hotel on Södermalm. The NoFo hotel was lovely and had an excellent wine bar and terrace. I can warmly recommend this hotel housed in a building from 1780 that was originally built as a brewery. The rooms have different designs depending on what floor you are, the themes are Scandinavian design, La belle époque, Uptown classics and Industrial vintage. We stayed at a Scandinavia design room and the only minuses were that there was no aircon, which could be a problem in hotter weather and the storage for clothing was very limited, which would become annoying if staying for more than a couple of days. The breakfast was also lovely.

La belle époque floor
Room numbers on the Scandinavian design floor
The courtyard with terrace

Since we have visited Stockholm several times before I had looked for something new to do and we landed on an archipelago cruise. I had bought the tickets online and after breakfast we headed to the place where the cruise would start. We bought our tickets through Get Your Guide for a 2.5-hour sightseeing tour with a live tour guide. The ships used are old cruise ships from 1906 and 1931. In order to get good seats on deck you should arrive early as there was already a short line when we arrived some half hour before departure and the line grew exponentially as we waited to board the ship. The route was beautiful, and we saw several of the islands outside Stockholm while listening to interesting stories about the history of the islands. When the cruise was over, we headed to lunch and then walked around the upscale shopping streets like Biblioteksgatan and Birger Jarlsgatan. I actually ended up buying a new handbag from the sale at Michael Kors, I seem to always be able to justify why I need a new bag if I find one I really like. After a refreshing afternoon coffee, we headed back to the hotel. Before dinner (which I will tell more about in a separate post) we had a drink at the hotel wine bar.

Old mill, Kvarnen Tre Kronor from 1898 in Stockholm that has been converted into apartments
There were plenty of boats out this Saturday
The archipelago is full of lovely villas
Old customs house
Crane giraffe
We came across a royal horse guard while roaming the streets
Cocktail at the hotel’s terrace

For our second day in Stockholm we had decided to visit Fotografiska, a museum of contemporary photography. I have wanted to visit this museum for years but never managed a visit until now. The museum was definitely worth a visit and as a lover of photography, I know I will come back to see other exhibitions in the future. Fotografiska also opened a new museum in Tallinn in summer 2019 and I can’t wait to visit it. Fotografiska is also currently planning new locations in London and New York City so in future, there will be a chance to visit these locations as well. After spending a few hours at Fotografiska we set out to explore some of Stockholm’s malls. This time we didn’t end up buying anything. Before dinner we again took advantage of the wine bar at the hotel. The next morning, it was time to head back to Finland with the ferry. We had a great vacation on Gotland and in Stockholm with loads to see, good food and nice weather. Next we will head to Florida for Christmas.

Katarina kyrka (Church of Catherine) in Stockholm’s Söder.
On our way to Fotografiska
Fotorgrafiska had some amazing photographs