10 + 1 travel quotes that reflect me

I decided to delve into the myriad of travel quotes you can find online and make a list of the quotes that best describe my own attitude towards and thoughts about travel. I used Canva to make the pictures.

To me, this describes travel to a T. When you get a broader understanding of the world, you realize that you are merely a small part of the world. You learn that you cannot expect the rest of the world to adapt to your expectations, but when you adapt to the world, you become more understanding.

Just like a ship is built to travel the oceans, humans are, in my opinion, built to travel the world.

I have never had a list of places I have to see or the goal to visit all continents, for example. I do love discovering new places but when a passionate affair in one location turns into a deep love, I’m more than happy to return to that place several times.

To me, this is the quintessential reason for people to travel. If you have never traveled, your view is extremely restricted. How can you even imagine what all exists in the world if you spend all your life in the same place?

I feel travel is one way to become a child again – to see everything with new eyes. Travel can truly make everyday things seem like wonders and help you enjoy the littlest things in life.

When I first started traveling, I used to make detailed lists of what to see and do on a trip. I still research my destinations in advance and make a rough itinerary, but experience has thought me to leave time and space for surprises. Nothing brings me more joy than getting lost and finding new marvelous places and stunning gems.

This, in a way, ties into the previous quote. It also reminds me that even the best laid plans are always subject to change. If you set off on a trip with a detailed plan and you expect that plan to materialize as is, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

I have a difficult time understanding people who travel but expect things to be the same as home. To me, the value of traveling comes from seeing and experiencing new things, like the local food culture. I would never go abroad and look for a Finnish community, a Finnish restaurant or bar, etc.

As an avid reader and traveler, I simply love this quote. To me it seems that people who do not travel are missing out on the story of life.

I know that one lifetime is not enough to experience everything the world has to offer, but I’d rather keep trying than stop and remain stagnate. To me, it is also a comfort to know that there will always be new places to see.

This requires no explanation, it simply perfectly sums up what has happened to me.

Do you have a favorite travel quote? If so, I would love to hear it.

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