8 travel products that seem useful

8 travel products that seem useful

I had a browse through Amazon for travel products and found eight I could buy right now. I think all of these seem useful and I would absolutely use them. All product pictures are from Amazon. This is not an affiliate post, I simply find these products interesting.

Soft travel bottles

I have various smaller bottles and jars for travel, but these seem super handy. Many of my small bottles sometime leak so if these are truly leak-proof that would be great. These also seem to have a big enough mouth to be easy to fill. The fact that the bottles are soft also means that they don’t take much as much space as hard bottles. The little jars are a great addition for face creams and such.

Dearmterness cable organizer bag

So far, I’ve managed without a cable organizer, partly because hubby has a large earphone case where he can pack charger cords, etc. However, I do think something like this could be a smarter solution. I like the idea of having every cord and charger head neatly organized in their own compartments. Having all of my electronics in one place also sounds smart. The organizer seems compact enough that it would fit in any of my travel handbags.

VacBest compression bags

Compressing my clothes when packing seems smart but getting a system with a pump seems a bit over the top. A solution that simply contains the bags I could get into. These could also help me keep my closets organized if I would store off-season garments in these bags. The risk with these is that I can pack even more stuff that I may not need but I still find this handy.

Gillette Venus Snap

I can’t count how many times I’ve ended up buying disposable razors when traveling. This seems like a waste of money and a burden on the environment. Packing a full-size razor takes up too much space in my toiletry bag. As I use a Gillette razor in my daily shaving needs at home, this is great because it uses the same blade as other Gillette razors.

Nefeeko collapsible water bottle

This collapsible bottle seems super-handy. I like that is light-weight and durable. I’ve been bad to the environment by buying plastic water bottles when traveling and not carrying my own reusable bottle. One reason is that the reusable bottles I use at home/work/gym, etc. are big and sometimes heavy. This could be a good choice that I could actually throw in my carry-on. I also like that you can use the bottle for both cold and warm drinks.

Censung mini refillable perfume spray bottle

I love wearing perfume and have several different ones I use depending on my mood and time of day. When traveling I’ve been packing the smallest perfume bottle I happen to have on hand. These would solve my problem and I could even pack a couple of different scents. This would also be perfect for days when I’m going out straight from work.

Mossio shoe bag

So far, I’ve packed my shoes in plastic bags when traveling, but this could be very useful. I especially like that you can pack a couple of pairs in the same bag. Using plastic bags for packing has become a bit of a problem lately as I’ve minimized my plastic bag use so rarely have any suitable bags at hand. The strap on the back is cool as you can attach the bag to your suitcase if you cannot fit it inside.

Miamica laundry bag

Another thing I’ve used plastic bags for when traveling is dirty laundry. This seems like a great solution as it is compact and lightweight but big enough to hold several days’ laundry. We usually only put our underwear and socks in laundry bags when traveling and the occasional T-shirt if they are sweaty. I feel other clothes are not that dirty after you’ve worn them once or twice even if you are going to wash them when you get home. So I think this could work even for a week’s laundry for us.

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