A day in my life

A day in my life

I’ve been contemplating writing a post of what my day looks like in these exceptional times for a while. Finally, I decided to put pen to paper (or in this case start typing). This post really has nothing to do with travel, so if that’s the only topic that interests you, please skip this.

On a normal weekday, my alarm goes off at 7:30 am (an hour later than when I used to head to the office). After a quick shower it’s time for breakfast. Lately I’ve been having smoothies for breakfast – I love smoothie breakfasts, they’re quick and easy to make, relatively healthy, and with the right ingredients even keep you full until lunch. My newest concoction includes a green smoothie mix powder, a banana, frozen bilberries, Turkish yogurt and coconut milk. After breakfast, I fire up my work laptop and start the workday. Within the first 15 to 30 minutes of working I make myself a morning cup of Joe with our trusted Nespresso machine.

My delicious breakfast smoothie
Morning cup of Joe in the making

My actual workday depends on whether I have on-call duties or not. If I do, then I’m tied to the computer or phone either in the morning or afternoon depending on my shift. As hubby is also working from home, we try to eat lunch together around noon. Depending on the situation, I either whip something up or we heat up leftovers. After lunch I return to work and tend to keep going until around 4:30 or 5:00 pm. I do take a coffee break in the afternoon but that usually means sipping my coffee in front of the computer. On quieter days I use part of my day to work on my blog, which I try not to feel guilty about as long as I also get my work done. I tend to have a few meetings every day and some days are nothing but meetings, so I do spend a fair bit of time on Teams. My day is also randomly interrupted by one or several of our cats demanding food or attention.

My workstation
Tuna sandwich for lunch
My four-legged co-workers

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that most days I end up lounging on the sofa when I’ve finished work. However, we try to spend time outdoors during the weekends. I’ve always been a multitasker (as a teen I would do homework or read a book, watch TV and talk on the phone with a friend all at the same time) so while I watch Netflix, HBO or something I’ve recorded from TV I also tend to surf or play a game on my iPad. At some point during the evening, I make dinner, which we then eat in front of the TV (a bad habit that we’ve been doing for years). After clearing away our dinner stuff we usually continue lounging on the sofa until it’s time for bed. I tend to go to bed around 11 pm on weeknights. I’m more of an evening than a morning person, so I’m often tempted to stay up longer but since I know I must get up in the morning I try to go to bed around the same time every weeknight.

Our lounging station
Asian-inspired dinner

Some days we do leave the house after work and before we start vegging to run some errands like grocery shopping and fetching packages containing stuff we’ve ordered online. There are also days that I pop out during the day to take out the trash or visit the corner store for milk or something else we’ve run out of. But all in all, this is pretty much what my weekdays look like while working from home, so not very exciting but mostly enjoyable.

This is where my day starts and ends
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