Bomarsund and shopping

Bomarsund and shopping

The next morning at breakfast we met the owner of the hotel, who gave us a bunch of ideas of what to see and do during the day. First, we made a stop at Sund church. The church is dedicated to John the Baptist and dates from the 13th century. It is the largest church on Åland. Then we headed to Bomarsund Fortress. Russia began to build a fortress in Sund in 1830 in accordance with the orders of Emperor Nicholas I. A town, Gamla Skarpans, was built and another settlement, Nya Skarpans, was established inside the fortress. However, the fortress, designed for 5,000 men and 500 cannons, was never finished. In 1854, during the Crimean War, British and French troops invaded the fortress and blew it up. Today, you can visit the fortress ruins and the ruins of two watchtowers. The magnitude of the constructions the Russians had planned is impressive.

Sund church
Fortress ruins
Fortress ruins
Fortress ruins
One of the watchtowers
Cannons at the watchtower
View from the watchtower
The watchtower from the opposite shore where there also used to be a tower.

A dip in the sea

After we had explored the fortress area, we drove to a place called Östra Simskäla to admire the views of an area where a Finnish television series depicting life on an islet on Åland in the 19th century. On the way back towards Stalldalen we stopped for lunch. While driving I spotted an abandoned house and cowshed I had to go take pictures off. Then we decided to go swimming, so we drove to a small beach in Godby. After a refreshing swim, we returned to the hotel to relax before dinner.

We spotted a family of swans
Views from Östra Simskäla
Abandoned building
Abandoned house
Abandoned cowshed
The lambs we could hear from our room

Time for shopping

The following day it was time to move to our final place of accommodation in Mariehamn. We started by driving out to Långnäs. On the way, we spotted a canal and a little local soft drink producer called Amalias Limonadfabrik. So, on the way back we stopped and bought some soft drinks. We also stopped at the canal to take pictures. We had lunch in Mariehamn before heading to the Taffel factory shop. Taffel is a Finnish snack brand now owned by Orkla. With a couple of bags full of snacks, we finally steered our way towards our hotel, Hotel Pommern. This proved to be another nicely renovated hotel. After we had settled in our room, we took to the town for some coffee. Back at the hotel, we read for a while before heading out for a stroll before dinner.

These guys were hanging out next to the soft drink factory.
The canal
Ålands lyceum in Mariehamn, the building is from 1903.
Cute streetview from Mariehamn

Superb ice cream

The following day it was time to head back home. We had some time to kill between checking out from the hotel and checking in to the ferry. We went for a nice seaside walk near the ferry terminal. Then we drove to this fantastic ice-cream parlor called Gelateria Anna & Aldo that served superb ice cream. After some ice cream and coffee, it was time to head to the ferry.

Wlaking along the sea

Coming up

We had a wonderful trip to Åland, there was loads to see and experience, even if some places had closed for the season. Even though we were still in Finland it almost felt like being abroad. Next, I’ll write a post about the lovely food we ate during our trip.

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