COVID-19 and travel plans

COVID-19 and travel plans

I’ve been contemplating whether to post about the Corona situation or not. My initial thought was not to, but in the end, I decided to do so anyway. The situation is new and foreign to all of us, and everyone is experiencing the effects in some way. It may seem frivolous to think and post about traveling in this situation, but this is a travel blog after all. This post is in no way intended to downplay the severity of the situation.

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So far, the virus has not affected our plans much. We had tentative plans to go visit friends in Germany at the beginning of May but had nothing booked so we simply let our friends know that we will postpone the visit. Also, my niece who lives Brussels had planned a visit to Finland right after Easter but naturally she will not be able to come. Hopefully we can see her after the virus situation calms down.

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Personally, the big disappointment for me will be if we cannot carry out the trip we have planned for late June. My 30-year high school reunion is planned for the last weekend in June in Tahoe City, California. We have plans to fly to San Francisco and drive up to Tahoe for the reunion. After the weekend we plan to drive to Las Vegas and spend 4 nights there before flying home. I’m really looking forward to this trip, particularly since we’ve never been to Vegas before. I’m still hopeful we may be able to travel by then, but hubby is more pessimistic about it. So far, we have booked all accommodations for the trip, but they can all be canceled without extra fees up to a couple of days before the stay. I’m holding off with booking flights and hoping we’ll be wiser by mid-May. I will be truly bummed if we cannot make this trip but am making backup plans if this is the case.

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If our trip to the US will not become reality, we will only take two weeks of vacation in summer and save most of the vacation time to later in the year. Then the plan would be to make a longer (maybe two-week) trip to somewhere further away. One possibility could be New Zealand or Australia, but this is all just speculation at this point.

Whatever happens I cannot wait to be able to travel again. This being said, we are and will continue to follow all official guidelines and recommendations regarding the virus. We are both working from home for the time being and minimizing any physical contact with other people. Nothing irks me more than people who are not taking this situation seriously and ignoring the recommendations. This will only result in the special circumstances being prolonged.

Stay safe out there and remember we can dream of new adventures and look back at old ones until we can start traveling again.

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4 thoughts on “COVID-19 and travel plans”

  • I’m on lock-down in Spain, where I live. I’ve also had to cancel travel plans. We had a trip planned with a large group to Israel last weekend that we couldn’t do. I also had some blog collaborations with a blogger friend of mine in Amsterdam and Copenhagen that won’t be happening. I, however, have a lot of things to be thankful for during this time. I have a boyfriend here in Spain, so I’m not spending the quarantine alone. I also teach English online, so I’m not out of work. I actually had quite a lot of classes to teach my first week at some since some of my students took classes to do something with their time at home. When I hear about people loosing jobs, I’m thankful that I still have a way to earn money from home.

    • You are absolutely right, having to cancel plans is a small nuisance compared with everything that’s going on. We are also lucky as both me and hubby can work from home and are not under any threat of losing our jobs. Stay safe nd enjoy the time with your boyfriend.

  • I know you feel having to cancel a trip! I am supposed to be at Disney in Florida right now! I know it’s annoyingly, but as you said it’s for the best!

    As an Australian, I would definitely recommend visiting there next year if you can! It is amazing and you definitely need the extra time!

    Stay positive! X

    • Canceling is a nuisance but naturally nothing compared to what the people who are sick or losing their jobs because of the virus are going through. This too shall pass and we will have many adventures ahead of us. Stay safe and positive.

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