Desert safari

Desert safari

We had booked our safari in advance with Platinum Heritage. We decided to splurge on the Platinum Desert Safari and I think it was definitely worth the price. The safari included pick up from the hotel, wildlife drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in a Range Rover, falconry demonstration with sunset canapés and sparkling date juice, short sunset camel ride to the private oasis cabana, 6-course dinner, Flaming Sands of Arabia fire show, henna tattoo’s and aromatic shisha pipes, and ride back to the hotel. The service was really good, we received a message indicating the exact pick-up time and when we went to the hotel to prepare there was a small bag waiting in our room with the menu and a menu card to fill out, as well as a chocolate camel made of camel milk. When the driver realized he was running a little late he called us to let us know (he was late because the other couple we shared the vehicle with was late). The drive to the Desert Conservation Reserve took around an hour and during the drive the guide told us a myriad of interesting facts about Dubai. Once we arrived at the reserve we got geared up with head gear and then we hit the desert.

Vehicles used for the Heritage Desert Safari
Hubby turned out to be a regular Lawrence of Arabia
I can actually pull this off
Our ride, the guide is letting out pressure from the tires to be able to handle the sand dunes

We made a few stops on the way to take pictures and admire the dunes. The drive ended at the spot for the falconry demonstration, which was super cool. We were served canapés and sparkling date juice while admiring the sunset. Then it was time to mount a camel and ride to our oasis. The camel ride was great, I truly enjoyed it even though I was a bit nervous at first seeing as the camel is really tall. At the oasis we were greeted with a rose water wash for our hands and some local coffee, then we were lead to our private cabana where dinner was served. During dinner a lady came to offer henna tattoos. Before dessert we were treated to a great fire show and had the chance to smoke a shisha. After dessert the driver took us back to our hotel. As our traveling partners were staying at a hotel on the Palm and we dropped them off first we also got a chance to see this man-made island during our safari adventure.

Artificial lake in the middle of the desert
Falconry explained
Sunset time
Canapes and sparkling prune juice
Our rides
My camel in front in hubby’s behind it
The oasis awaits
Our cabana
Dinner started with lentil soup
Then some salad
Followed by fruity prawns
And grilled salmon and prawns as the main
Fire show
Cinnamon grilled banana
and Arabic fruit salad for dessert
My henna tattoo setting
and this is how it turned out

The safari was definitely one of the top activities during our Dubai trip and I would recommend a trip to the desert to anyone that is visiting Dubai. I can also wholeheartedly recommend Platinum Heritage, they were very professional, attentive and friendly.

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