Glo Hotel Kluuvi

Glo Hotel Kluuvi

I was able to visit the recently renovated GLO Hotel Kluuvi in Helsinki through an invitation I received at work. The hotel is located in the heart of the city close to the best shopping, entertainment, nightlife and tourist attractions. You are surrounded by restaurants and cafes. The Glo Hotels are part of Kämp Collection Hotels, the leading luxury and lifestyle hotel group in Finland. In 2109, Nordic Choice Hospitality Group acquired Kämp Collection Hotels.

The visit started with some wine and food in the meeting rooms of the second floor of the hotel. We were served a delicious feta salad, savory muffins, cheeses, fruits, macaroons, mini brownies and marshmallows. While we were enjoying the food we were treated to a fashion presentation by a Finnish designer called Marita Huurinainen. She has a store in the Kämp Galleria shopping center, which is right next to the hotel. After the fashion presentation it was time for the most exciting part of the evening in my opinion: a tour of three hotel rooms by the hotel’s general manager Tom Strandberg.

One of the meeting rooms

First, we got to see a GLO comfort double room. I fell in love, with the fact that there was a separate toilet and bathroom. In particular, the bathroom stole my heart; the bathroom was really big with a bathtub and more than plenty of counter space. Very often hotel bathrooms seem to have a lack of counter space and you have to store some of your toiletries in the room instead. I also liked the décor of the room, which was inviting and had a calming atmosphere.

Bathroom in the comfort room
Loved the calming colors of the comfort room

Then we got to see two of the new Marimekko themed GLO studios. The hotel has six such brand new studios. All these studios have their own individual décor and they are also different in terms of room shape and layout. The studios are 35 m2, while the comfort rooms are 18 m2 and the luxe rooms 26 m2. The studios all have either king size beds or two 100 cm wide beds. I was really inspired by these rooms. I felt like they could have been someone’s small home (especially the second studio we saw). The hotel also offers a room category called smart, which are small 13 m2 rooms that offer standard amenities and are naturally more affordable than the bigger rooms. The general manager told us that these smaller rooms have been a hit among travelers.

First Marimekko themed studio we visited
The first studio had the cutest Smeg fridge
The second Marimekko studio
The toilet and bathroom formed a corridor
Love how the classic chair has been incorporated into the table

I plan to book a room at this hotel for our next staycation. I would love to try out one of the studios, but if the price proves too much, I will “settle” for a luxe room.

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