I’m back

I’m back

My blog has been super-quiet lately. The main reason is naturally that with COVID19 there’s not much travel related happening in my life. On top of that there are also some changes in my life that has kept me busy for the last couple of weeks.

This dark period calls for seasonal lights

Holidays sorted

After a lot of back and forth with what to do during our Christmas vacation we have finally settled for a plan. As the virus situation is still quite unpredictable, we decided to stay in Finland and close to home, so I booked us a two-night staycation in Helsinki. My bestie has graciously invited us to spend Christmas eve with her, so I don’t have to worry about food that night. We’ll spend Christmas day and Boxing day just relaxing at home, watching movies, reading and enjoying our time off work. Then on the 28th we’ll head to our favorite boutique hotel in Helsinki, Hotel Haven, where I’ve booked a Grand Deluxe Room for two nights. On Monday, we’ll have dinner at Alexanderplats and on Tuesday at Nude. These are both restaurants we haven’t been to before so I’m really looking forward to trying them out. We have no plans for New Years, so we’ll probably just celebrate at home by ourselves and on the 4th its back to work.

Hotel Haven, pic from our last visit to the hotel

New challenges

Speaking of returning to work, I will actually start a new job after the holidays. This is also what has kept me busy in the past few weeks: sorting out leaving my current job and getting ready for the new job. I’m super-excited about finally leaving my government job behind and start something new. For the past few years, I’ve been looking for direction in my career and wondering what I really would like to do in life. I’ve been applying for various jobs without any real direction and been disappointed a few times on the way when jobs that seemed perfect on paper lead to nothing. Now I can confidently say that life has a way of working things out. When this new opportunity came my way, I immediately knew this was what I wanted to do next. So, it seems that all the frustration and disappointment was leading to this.

Probably will continue working from home in my new work too, so this won’t change.

I’ll be back with a post about our staycation after Christmas, so it’s time to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Stay safe.

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