Mathildedal – cute alpacas and tasty food, part I

Mathildedal – cute alpacas and tasty food, part I

Last week it was time for a change of scenery even though our vacation is not until August. On Sunday we headed to Mathildedal an old ironworks village by the sea. I had booked a small Airbnb apartment for three nights.

Anttipoffi from 1852

The little village is full of old buildings from the 19th century. Our Airbnb was in a house called Anttipoffi from 1852. It was a small one-room apartment on the second floor with a tiny kitchenette and a roomy modern bathroom. I loved the simple clean decor of the apartment and the minifridge worked well for our breakfast needs. The house itself was also beautiful and I would have loved to learn more about its history. As the village is compact everything was within walking distance so we could leave our car parked in the yard for the whole visit. After settling in we headed out for some lunch and to explore the village for the first time. We also noticed we had some cute neighbors as there were alpacas in the field right next to our accommodation.

Our little Airbnb home
Our home away from home
Our neighbors

Delicious lunch and dinner

First, we headed to the local bakery, Matilda Mansion’s Bakery to score some fresh bread for breakfast. Then we visited VINO’sti for lunch. VINO’sti is a Belgian-style bistro housed in an old container and only open in summer. We decided to share a serving of fries, hubby ordered 6 snails and I had the Gambas piri piri. This was also the first time on this trip that I tasted the local cider produced by Lepola. The food was delicious, and the cider was brilliant. Then we walked around the village and then headed to our digs to relax a bit. For dinner, we had planned to have pizza at Village restaurant Terho but it turned out they had run out of pizza dough, so we had to leave the pizzas for another day. Instead, we headed to Mathildan Marina. We both ordered fried pike-perch with fingerling potatoes, pea puree, and lemon pesto. It turned out to be an excellent choice, the food was fresh and tasty.

There was a burnt down house across the street from our digs
My first taste of Lepole cider
The snails
Belgian style fries
The house we stayed at
Pike-perch for dinner

Adventure golf and chocolate

The next morning we had to work for a few hours after which we headed out to play some adventure golf (miniature golf with more real golf-like courses). I beat hubby and then it was time for some lunch. We chose PetriS Chocolate where we shared a piece of savory pie and a piece of chocolate caramel cake. The pie was okay, but the cake was super delicious. Having finished lunch, we strolled around some more and visited all the small shops and the local museum, which showcased the history of the ironworks. Before heading back to our apartment for some more work we refreshed ourselves with the local cider at Ruukin Krouvi.

At the adventure golf course
There was even a water trap
Pie and cake for lunch
PetriS Chocolate is housed in the old school building and also has a B&B
Old rolling mill from 1857
The inside is a party space
Old factory sign
These trucks were made in the village
Old water wheel

Second Mathildedal post to follow.

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