Mathildedal – cute alpacas and tasty food, part II

Mathildedal – cute alpacas and tasty food, part II

I left off at returning to our digs for some work on Monday afternoon.

Terho’s pizza and more tasty cider

After finishing work we headed to Village restaurant Terho to try our luck a second time with the pizzas. This time we were in luck and were able to get our pizza orders in. I decided to try the Terho pizza with buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, goat’s cheese, pecans, pomegranate, rucola, and balsamico. Hubby opted for the Fuji pizza with buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, nduja, pepperoni, local jalapenos, and black pepper. I also got to test another Lepola cider, an apple cider with cucumber. The pizzas were terrific, and we fell in love with the cucumber cider.

Inside Village restaurant Terho
Pizza time

More golf and some shopping

Tuesday also kicked off with some work. We had found the adventure golf to be so much fun we returned for another game and this time hubby won (I must, however, point out that my combined score from both days was better than his). Then we decided to do some shopping. We started by heading back to PetriS Chocolate where I bought some vegan berry chocolates as a thank you gift to our friend that cares for our cats when we are away and some pralines for us to take home and enjoy with coffee. Next stop was the village brewery where we bought a few beers and several ciders to take home. The final stop was a shop called Kaarnalaiva that has been producing handmade brushes and baskets since 1997. There I bought a bottle cleaning brush, a wooden butter knife, and a bath brush for washing my back. I also found some really cute dresses at the Second Chance boutique and lovely alpaca wool products at Ruukin Kehräämö and shop but decided to resist the temptation of impulse buying.

Inside PetriS Chocolate
The Mansion from 1852
Sypressi B&B from 1840
Ruukin Kehräämö and shop in the old carpenter’s workshop from 1926
Kaarnalaiva shop in old transformer building from 1880
Alpacas enjoying some hay
Old prayer room from 1906

Return to VINO’sti and Mathildan Marina

With the shopping done we decided to have another lunch at VINO’sti. This time we shared a cheese sandwich with fries. This too was a tasty lunch. Once again, we had to do some work in the afternoon so after a latish lunch, we headed back to our little apartment. After work and evening meetings were finished, we went for a small stroll before dinner. For dinner we opted to return to Mathildan Marina as the food had been good the first time around and the menu offered some other interesting options. I chose their fish & chips which was a nice twist on a classic. The portion consisted of fried salmon, deep-fried fingerling potatoes, parmesan cheese, and lime mayonnaise. Hubby opted for the Marina steak, a 180 g beef sirloin, chimichurri sauce, deep-fried fingerling potatoes, and a jalapeno dip. The food was really good, and it was nice to watch the sea view while eating.

VINO’sti container bistro
Cheese toast with fries
Fish & chips with a twist
Sirloin steak
Mathildan Marina
Sun setting over the sea

On Wednesday morning it was time to head home for some clothes washing and one night in our own bead before heading to Naantali for another three-night vacation. Mathildedal is a great little village with a nice atmosphere, good food and cute shops. Definitely worth a stay of a night or two. Naantali posts to follow.

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