Mdina, Rabat and Marsaxlokk

Mdina, Rabat and Marsaxlokk

The next day we decided to visit Mdina as our food tour guide who was from Mdina said you had to visit it. On the same excursion we also visited Rabat.

The fortified city of Mdina

Mdina is a fortified city in the Northern Region of Malta, which served as the island’s capital from antiquity to the medieval period. The city is still confined within its walls and has a population of 250. We strolled around the fortified city for maybe an hour and I snapped loads of pictures. I would recommend a visit to Mdina to anyone visiting Malta.

Entering Mdina
The gate to Mdina
Many narrow alleyways in Mdina
A beautiful red door
I clearly have a door fetish
Another alleyway
The houses in Mdina are impressive
Church bell
Yet another door
Streetview od Mdina
More alleyways
Nice courtyard
More lovely houses


After having explored Mdina we walked to Rabat. First, we found a place to sit down for some coffee/cola and a nice local apple pastry. Then we ventured to a small church called St Cataldus where you could visit the catacombs under the church. There is also a huge catacomb complex nearby called St Paul’s Catacombs but we opted not to go there. After strolling around for a bit, it was time for lunch. We found a nice Italian restaurant whose name I cannot remember. Hubby had a pasta and I had a salad for lunch, both were tasty. Then it was time to head back to Sliema.

Snack time
On the streets of Rabat
Basilica Kolleġġjata u Proto-Parroċċa ta’ San Pawl
St Cataldus catacombs
Stairs in the catacombs
Infant graves in the catacombs
A Rabat cat
Chicken salad
Pasta lunch

St. Julian’s and Asian dinner

I had made a dinner reservation at Kuya Asian Pub in St. Julian’s so we decided to walk there. St. Julian’s is the party central in Malta, which is not really our scene. However, we were early enough so the big party scene had not yet started. We did stop for a happy hour cocktail and learned that buy 1 get 1 free meant that by ordering 2 drinks you got 4. I must say downing 2 cocktails per person got us a bit tipsy before dinner. Once we arrived at Kuya, we decided to share a starter of Prawn Dim Sum. For my main I had Tori Karaage and hubby opted for Pad Ka Po. Dinner was delicious and once we were finished, we ubered back to our hotel.

Views of St. Julian’s
Another shot of St. Julian’s
In St. Julian’s
Sunset in St. Julian’s
Dim Sum starter
Tori Karaage chicken
Pad Ka Po

Marsaloxkk fishing village

The next day we decided to visit the Marsaloxkk fishing village. It is the largest fishing village in Malta and one of the last remaining ones. The village was really cute and it would have been quite interesting to visit it on a Sunday when the fish market is open but it did not fit into our schedule. We ended up strolling around and having lunch at a pasta place. I originally wanted to eat at one of the fish restaurants but many did not serve lunch or lunch service started later. I feel Marsloxkk is worth a visit if you are visiting Malta. 

Cute fisherman statue
There are working fishing boats in Marsaloxkk
Traditional fishing boat
View of Marsaloxkk
Another shot of the village
One more for the road
This is a local hotel
You can find British influence all over Malta

Stay tuned for our last dinner on Malta and our transfer to Gozo.

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