Motivation zero

Motivation zero

In the past week I’ve been struggling with something completely new to me. I seem to have lost all my motivation to plan any travel. It feels strange and slightly scary. I guess it’s partly caused by not knowing when travel will be possible again. Somehow it feels futile to make plans without knowing when they would materialize.

Negativity takes over

I should be planning a trip for a couple of weeks right after Christmas. I started making a list of possible destinations but quickly realized I was looking for negatives on each destination instead of getting excited about them. I think in addition to all the open questions surrounding travel right now my motivation has also been eaten away by the disappointment of having to cancel our spring and summer travel plans. I was so excited about our upcoming trips that shifting my brain to get excited about new plans seems hard.

Impatience sucks

I feel kind of stupid to struggle with such mundane problems knowing that COVID-19 is causing real problems for many people. On the other hand, I guess you cannot help how you feel, and I wanted to share this with you. I have always been an impatient person and need things to look forward to in order to enjoy the daily grind. This is not a great combination in these circumstances as I would like for the restrictions to be over NOW and I am in dire need of something fun (like a trip) to look forward to. I guess I could look forward to such a time when travel is possible again, but without an actual timeline it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Fear of disappointment

I have accepted that the summer will be travel free but have a hard time admitting that the whole year may be the same. I want to believe that come fall, travel will be possible, and we’ll be able to make up for lost time by taking some trips. I know that we could make plans and even reservations as you currently have far greater cancelation options. Somehow, I am reluctant to book anything as that would mean I would start looking forward to the trip, which would result in another huge disappointment if I would later have to cancel those plans as well.

Oh well, this is a teeny problem when looking at the bigger picture. I’m also more than lucky that thus far, this is the only “problem” COVID-19 has caused me. Thanks for letting me vent and I would love to hear if anyone is experiencing similar thoughts. Stay home and stay safe. The time for travel will come sooner or later.

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