Return to Eevert

Return to Eevert

My birthday is in late May and this year we had birthday dinner at Eevert. This is the same restaurant we tried out in early December last year soon after it had first opened. I picked Eevert for my b-day dinner because I really liked their spring menu. I must say I am a bit of a spring/early summer child also when it comes to food, I love the tastes of Finnish spring/summer much more than those of autumn/winter. My birthday was on a Tuesday so the restaurant was empty when we arrived and I was wondering if we’d get to keep the whole place to ourselves but soon another party arrived. Unfortunately no more guests arrived that evening, which was a stark reminder of how poorly restaurants tend to fair early in the week.

Heading to my b-day dinner

We started with a nice gin-based cocktail and then had Eevert’s tasting menu (8 courses) with wine package. The menu consisted of three starters, two main courses and three desserts (well actually the sixth course was more of a palate cleanser than a dessert). The courses were: Salmon & Cucumber, Asparagus & Strawberry, Deer & Wood Sorrel, Perch & Nettle, Hereford & Tarragon, Napue & Citrus, Finnish Cheese and Rhubarb & Meringue.

Slightly cooked salmon with a cucumber jus
Asparagus three ways with a strawberry & champagne reduction
Melt-in-your-mouth deer tartar
Perch with nettle sauce, asparagus and carrots
Hereford with tarragon bearnaise & carrot puree
Napue sorbet
Goat’s cheese cheddar with apple compote
Rhubarb dessert with meringue and parfait

All courses were super tasty and hubby even liked the dessert despite him not being a fan of rhubarb. The only course that seemed to have a bit too much going on on the plate was the beef main. One sauce would have been enough. The menu had also been nicely designed in that even though you were full after finishing you weren’t stuffed so the individual portions were not too big (well maybe except for the beef, but as I did not eat all of my meat it felt fine). As on the first visit, the dessert was served by the chef, which I always find to be a nice touch. I am convinced we will return to Eevert again sooner or later.

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