The million-dollar question

The million-dollar question

The one question I’ve been asked a lot lately is what the first place is you’ll travel to when it is possible. For me, the answer is kind of easy. As soon as it is possible, I want to travel to Brussels to meet my niece whom I haven’t seen for ages. So, first on my travel agenda is a long weekend in Brussels. I’m also keen to take other extended weekend trips to Europe as soon as it is possible.

On the streets of Brussels
On the streets of Brussels

Shopping in the States

Another destination I cannot wait to return to is the States. Actually, I haven’t even contemplated where in the States I’m just shopping-deprived and need to get overseas to buy clothes. I think there are three viable options; you can never go amiss with New York, as I’ve stated before California has a permanent spot in my heart so anywhere in Cali would do, or the third option is heading somewhere new (Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville, Charleston, etc.). This is probably not the first trip I’ll be making when travel becomes available as it requires a few more days than a short trip in Europe.

Quintessential New York
On the streets of NYC
San Francisco

The list keeps growing

I subscribed to a travel magazine for a few years and had all of last year’s issues stacked up waiting to be read. I started reading through them in December, which has resulted in me finding a ton of places I want to visit. It is funny to me how there are travel destinations that I’ve had a bit of an aversion to and then I read a good article about them and decide I must travel there. These are some of the destinations I’ve “discovered” through the magazine: Santorini, the Aran Islands, Kuala Lumpur, The Cyclades, and many others. On the other hand, I’m about ready to travel anywhere at this point as long as I get to travel. How about you, what’s the first place you’ll travel then when it becomes possible?

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