Tip 10: Check your passport’s expiration date

Tip 10: Check your passport’s expiration date

Remember to check the expiration date on your passport well in time before your trip. Nothing would be more stressful than turning up at the airport with an expired passport. Even though you may in some cases be able to get a temporary passport issued at the airport, actually renewing your passport well ahead of the trip makes much more sense. A temporary passport is only issued for compelling reasons, is only valid for one trip and does not allow travel to all countries. Renewing your passport before the trip also saves you money as the temporary passport needs to be replaced with a new passport after the trip.

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Another thing you should consider is to check the passport requirements of your destination country. There are countries that require your passport to be valid for a certain period of time after you have returned home. So, you should remember to check all the requirements before your trip and make sure your passport meets the requirements. Otherwise you could be stuck at the airport with a passport that does not allow you to travel to your destination.

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