Tip 12: Look like you know where you are going

Tip 12: Look like you know where you are going

I’m sure we’ve all worried about sticking out like a sore thumb while traveling and thus making ourselves more susceptible to crime. Tourists are more prone to have things stolen from them, getting hustled, etc. so not looking too touristy is an advantage.

“Beware of Pickpockets!” by Thruhike98 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Over the years I’ve noticed that the best way to blend in is to look like you know where you’re going. Walk with purpose and direction. If you need to stop and check where you are, pop into a coffee shop, store or similar, to navigate your map (which hopefully is on your phone). Naturally, since you probably do have a map app on your phone you can also sneak a discreet peak at it while walking. However, try not to look too lost or confused. Personally, I think I must have this nailed because I constantly get asked for directions even in places I’ve never visited before.

Tourists in San Gimignano, Italy

I’m not saying you should be overly cautious and if you do get lost it is okay to ask for directions. I’m just saying that you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a crime with your own actions. This tip is especially useful when moving about in the night-time outside tourist areas. Moving swift with purpose may also help fend off any street peddlers. You should of course allow yourself time to enjoy the new surroundings but remaining aware of what is going on around you is also important.

Empty street in Antwerp at night
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