Tip 14: Try to get behind business travelers in security lines

Tip 14: Try to get behind business travelers in security lines

One of my pet peeves while traveling is slow people in security lines. You know the people who only start digging out things from their bag when it’s their turn to pass through security. Or the people who start asking whether they can bring their full water bottle, haven’t packed their liquids in a plastic bag, etc. That’s why I’ve tried to hone my eye for the perfect people to stand behind if possible.

“Airport security wait” by add1sun is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I prefer business travelers; they’re usually seasoned travelers that tend to travel with only the essentials. Of course, they are more likely than other travelers to carry laptops, but they also know to take them out. In addition to business travelers, solo travelers are a pretty good pick too, especially compared to families. Another trick is to look at hand baggage – the bigger and more plentiful, the longer it’s likely to take to pass security.

“TSA Allowed Liquids” by bosconet is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

My strategy is to pull out anything from my bag I know needs to be taken out already while sanding in line so that I’m ready to place everything in the trays when it’s my turn. I also take off any required garments while waiting in line. Once I’ve gone through and my stuff appears, I grab all my stuff and move further away to pack away the things I’ve pulled out and put on any removed clothing. This way I help make the process smoother and don’t block the way for others coming through security.

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