Tip 15: Walk as much as possible

Tip 15: Walk as much as possible

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to walk. Strolling around allows you to see so much more than using public transport or a rental car. Next to walking, cycling is also a good option. However, I think walking is even better because while biking you must pay more attention to other traffic than while walking.

Strolling in Oslo

My strategy is to use public transport to get to interesting areas if they are too far away from where Iโ€™m starting out to walk there, and then walk around the different areas. In my opinion this is also a great strategy for seeing different areas of any city and visit areas that are more off the beaten tourist path. I also use public transport if the route to the area is not walking-friendly or doesnโ€™t seem to have anything interesting to see/explore.

Strolling in Brussels

When visiting a new destination, particularly if itโ€™s a larger city I often take a hop-on hop-off tour on one of the first travel days. This lets me see the major attractions in passing and decide whether they seem to warrant a separate visit. This is also a good way to get a bit of an overview of any city and its different neighborhoods and can help decide, which areas I want to take a closer look at. But, however, you decide which areas you want to see I recommend walking around them to really see what they are like, what is going on and soak in the atmosphere.

Strolling in Valencia
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