Tip 18: Consider jetlag and travel fatigue

Tip 18: Consider jetlag and travel fatigue

If you take a longer trip it’s wise to take jetlag and travel fatigue into consideration when making plans. I know how exciting it is to explore new destinations and you may feel like you’re missing valuable time if you take some downtime. I dare argue that you get much more out of your adventure if you permit yourself enough time to recoup from the trip.

Whenever we go on a long-haul trip, we tend to take it slow on the first full day. However, if we don’t arrive in the evening, we plan something to keep us going until the evening on the day of arrival. We’ve found that this is the best strategy for trying to adapt to the new time zone as quickly as possible. On the firs morning we sleep for as long as we feel like and then spend a relaxed day without any scheduled activities. Some examples of first-day activities have included a day on the beach, a day hanging out at our Airbnb pad, exploring the area we stayed at, and so forth. This way, at least I personally have much more energy in the upcoming days and also seem to be less affected by jetlag.

Hanging at our pad
Hanging on the beach
Hanging by the pool

Personally, I’d rather book an extra vacation day to be able to relax on the first day than try to go full-steam right from the start. I also like to have an extra day to recover when I get back home if possible before returning to work. If this is not possible, at least I chose to work from home on the first day back.

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