Tip 19: Only carry what you need

Tip 19: Only carry what you need

I have to confess backpacks are one of my pet peeves. I don’t mind people carrying them on the streets, etc. However, when people wear them on public transport and indoors in smaller places and do not take them off it drives me crazy. Also, I always wonder what people carry with them as they often seem packed to the brim.

What do people carry with them in their bulging backpacks?
Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay

Personally, I try to minimize what I carry with me when exploring travel destinations and in my day-to-day life too. I see no need to weigh me down with a bunch of stuff that I might need. I only carry an umbrella if rain is forecasted, I don’t take it with me just in case and the same goes for sunglasses. I don’t pack several water bottles – usually both me and hubby carry one bottle and when they run out, we buy new ones. I don’t lug around extra clothes just in case either. Depending on the forecast I grab a jacket, sweater, or similar if it seems necessary. Even though I suffer from low blood sugar and can get queasy if I don’t eat regularly, I rarely carry any snacks with me.

Only pack the essentials in your bag
Photo by Leisarà on Unsplash

So, what do I tend to carry with me in my bag? I always take my camera, wallet, and phone. Depending on the weather I usually have either a pair of sunglasses or a small umbrella with me. I carry one bottle of water, some tissues, a small tube of sunscreen (depending on the climate), a few band-aids, and some lip balm. That’s really my essentials and you’ll rarely find anything else in my bag. Of course, this mainly applies to travel in cities where services are easily available. If I head out on a hike or some similar activity, I do take more water and some snacks at least.

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