Tip 20: Accept that you won’t be able to see everything

Tip 20: Accept that you won’t be able to see everything

I doubt I’ve taken a trip where I had the chance to see everything that seemed interesting. On the other hand, I’ve never even tried, mainly because I don’t want my trips to turn into hard work. I think you should make a list of your absolute must-sees and once you’ve managed to see them you can look at other possible things to see or do.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn

To me it has always been clear that a normal vacation never offers enough time to explore everything you would like in your destination of choice. This is particularly true for larger cities. My philosophy is that if you feel you missed a bunch of interesting things then you can always return another time to explore the destination further.

Golden Gate Bridge in the fog

I feel that you won’t be able to enjoy your vacation and the atmosphere of your destination if you are simply running from one site to the next. Also, as I mentioned in Tip 2, a perk of not having a strict program planned is that it leaves room for extempore activities that you may not have learned anything about before your trip.

The belfry in Bruges

I’m sure most of us pick our destinations because there is something that interests us, be it sun and sand, culture, history, good party scene, interesting gastronomy or something else. Whatever the reason, that will probably be your first priority on your activities list. In addition to that main focus, there’s probably a few other things you’d love to see or do. My recommendation is to do these things first and then, if you have time left, either use your secondary list or look for things that interest you. Following this philosophy, I’ve never felt disappointed after a trip or felt like I missed something major I really wanted to see.

Brooklyn Bridge
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