Tip 27: Be polite, never stare and only complain when called for

Tip 27: Be polite, never stare and only complain when called for

For me, a rule a thumb in everyday life is to be polite and this also applies when I travel. When you decide to travel to a foreign country and culture you should be aware that things are going to be different from what you may be used to at home. This doesn’t mean they will be worse, just different. Keep an open mind and respect the culture. Take the differences as an opportunity to learn and expand your understanding of the world. Remember your manners, say please and thank you and apologies when you are in the wrong.

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I guess it is human nature to stare when you see something unusual, please don’t. Staring is extremely rude and makes the subject uncomfortable. In addition to staring, pointing is also a no-no. I doubt most people would do these things in their home environment so why would you do it when traveling. Also be careful when commenting, even if you are in a foreign country and speak a less common language (like Finnish) someone that understands the language may always be within earshot.

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Only complain where there is a legitimate reason. There is no reason to complain just because local foods are different than what you are used to, or a restaurant/bar does not serve your go-to drink. Hotel rooms may be smaller than what you’ve seen in before, this may be common in the country you are visiting. Price levels differ from one country to another so refrain from complaining that something is too expensive if you have no idea about the normal price levels. In my opinion, many complaints arise from ignorance about the country, its culture and customs so try to learn about these before you travel. I’m not saying you should never complain but just think it through before you do. Also remember to give praise when there is reason to.

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