Tip 28: Compromise and make suggestions

Tip 28: Compromise and make suggestions

I’m lucky enough to mainly travel with hubby who has very similar interests to mine. This means that it’s easy for us to come up with activities, restaurants, sights, etc. that interest us both. However, I’ve also traveled with other people (friends, relatives) and learned a thing or two about group travel.

Visiting Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge in Kotka.

The first advice is compromise. The bigger the group you’re traveling with the more you should be ready to compromise. In order for everyone to have a satisfying trip, everyone has to get to do something they want to do. Personally, compromising has resulted in doing things I thought wouldn’t be for me and thoroughly enjoying myself. So, compromising can result in positive surprises. Next to compromising you can also split into smaller groups to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves. There is no need for the group to constantly be joined at the hip. If part of the group is interested in visiting a museum and some people would enjoy shopping more, just split up and do what you prefer.

In NYC with firends I ended up at a NHL game which would not have been my top pick.

For some reason whomever I’ve traveled with I’ve ended up making the basic plans for the trip. As a result, I’ve stressed over everyone enjoying themselves and wondered whether the plans I’ve made have been fun for all. Despite the plans I’ve made I always hope that my travel companions would make suggestions for things to do and see. I always ask for suggestions but often end up with no answers, which, to be honest, is quite frustrating. Also, if you don’t make suggestions you may miss out on something you wanted to experience.

On a family trip to Tuscany the wine country tour was everyone’s favorite.
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