Tip 8: Eat where the locals eat

Tip 8: Eat where the locals eat

One thing I have learned during my travels is that you find the best food by following the locals. Anytime you find a restaurant is favored by locals it is worth trying. On the other hand, I would advise you to steer clear of places located next to tourist attractions and places with staff outside trying to entice people to the restaurant.

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Even though I do enjoy the occasional “fancy” meal, I’m also happy visiting small neighborhood joints that serve simple home-style cooking. A surefire way to find local food gems is to seek out places that are packed with locals enjoying their meals. This usually requires that you venture outside the more touristy areas into neighborhoods where the locals live. While looking for local gems, try not to judge a place by its looks. Good reasonably priced food can often be found in places that may look a bit run down and shabby. I am not suggesting you should visit places that look unsanitary but even the simplest looking places can have a lot to offer.

Tapas for lunch in Valencia
Beautiful fish course at a restaurant favored by locals in Lund

One way to find good places is to look for recommendations by locals. You can also ask locals you interact with, like bar, restaurant or hotel staff or possible guides you encounter at sights you visit. When asking for tips, try to be specific. Don’t ask for the best restaurant in the city but ask for the best place to try xxx, or the best “cuisine type” restaurant. Food tours are also a great way to get to know the local food culture and talking to the guide will reveal good places to try out.

Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn packed with locals
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