What if and then what

What if and then what

I’ve been going back and forth with my own thoughts lately. Our summer vacation is not coming up until mid-August, which is making it hard for me to commit to any plans. I had already settled for the plan to explore Eastern Finland. Now, however, I’m not sure anymore as some nearby travel options may open up before its time for our vacation. I’m thinking I might make some accommodation reservations for the trip to Eastern Finland as they can be canceled, but still haven’t done anything about it.

Finland offres plenty to see, this is from Espoo.

I’m not considering flying anywhere but I could take a short ferry ride either to Estonia or Åland. I already outlined possible plans for Åland and I had an idea of a road trip in Estonia, which I scrapped when I thought we were going to the States. If we end up in Estonia, the places I’d like to visit are Tartu, Saaremaa, Viljandi, Kuressaare, Narva, and Haapsalu. For me, this situation is quite strange as I’m not known to be indecisive.

I will not be returning to “my home lake” Lake Tahoe this summer. This shot is from 1990.
This view of Tallinn would be seen if we pick Estonia as the destination.

Now I’m trying to decide how long to wait before actually committing to a plan and making reservations. I’m afraid if I wait too long there may be problems with finding accommodation, etc. The flipside is if I commit to something too soon and then find out other options would’ve been available, I may be disappointed. So, it seems that right now my vacation planning is full of what-ifs and then-whats. It will be interesting to see what the outcome will eventually be.

All I know is wherever we end up, there will be water. This shot was taken in the Stockholm archipelago.

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