Why I travel

Why I travel

Everyone who travels has their own reasons for why. I thought I would share my reasons and motivation for traveling.

Exploring new cultures

A main motivation for my travel is to learn about new cultures. In culture I also include food and drink. I love learning about the history of the places I visit and exploring different aspects of the society. To me, life is best when you are learning and exploring new places and cultures is fascinating. Personally, the only way to really enjoy new places is to visit them. Even though I’m an avid reader I’ve never really gotten into travel stories. I do like to read about a destination from blogs and travel guides before a trip or when looking for new destinations but otherwise I prefer other types of reading. I feel traveling has taught me to appreciate different cultures and showed me how different life can be in different places. As I’m passionate about food, a big part of travel for me is exploring the local food scene. This has ignited a passion of various cuisines that I also try to recreate at home. Experiencing new things also goes hand in hand with exploring new cultures.

Pub culture in Dublin
Time to explore Chinatown in SF


Photography has been a hobby of mine ever since childhood. Traveling offers me a great opportunity to practice my passion for taking pictures. I love looking back at my adventures and reminisce with the help of my pictures. I also use them as art on my walls at home. Finding excellent photo opportunities when traveling is super rewarding. Capturing “the perfect shot” makes my day. I do take pictures in my everyday life too but on trips I get especially shutter-happy.

Finding interesting things to photograph

Getting away

A big part of travel is of course getting away from the “daily grind”. Any vacation feels more like a vacation if I get to travel. I feel the only way to truly get away is to travel somewhere. Spending a vacation at home doesn’t feel much different from any other time except you don’t have to go to work. Travel offers a chance to get away from your normal chores like cooking, cleaning, etc. Personally, I charge my batteries much more efficiently while traveling than if I just relax at home.

Time to relax and forget the daily grind

Having fun

A big motivation for travel is having fun. Traveling tends to bring out the kid in me, not that I’m that grown up in my daily life either. I tend to get excited about the smallest things and this becomes emphasized when I travel. I always try to schedule some fun activities when traveling. These include things like amusement parks, water parks, funs excursions, boardwalks, etc. On the other hand, just going on a trip is fun so this is kind of a given anyway.

Visiting Knott’s Berry Farm
Just being silly as usual

Naturally there are many other smaller reasons for traveling and many are specific for a particular destination. These are, however, my top reasons and have been for years. Why do you travel?

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